What is Neem Powder – Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine?

All You Wanted to Know About Neem, The Secret Behind Indian Cuisine and its Medicine

Neem fruits, leaves and flowers play a vital role in the Indian Subcontinent, both in the kitchen and in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Yet, for the outside world, neem is practically unknown.

At first glance, you could easily mistake the drupe-like green fruits with olives, but make no mistake, neem couldn’t be more different. Perhaps the only common trait between the Mediterranean green olives and neem is their versatility. Here’s all you wanted to know about neem, what is neem powder and more.

What Is Neem?

Neem is a tree that grows in the Indian Subcontinent, and it’s part of the mahogany family. Called Azadirachta indica, the evergreen neem tree thrives in tropical climates, and everything, the fruit, flowers, leaves and bark have been used for centuries — it was mentioned in texts going back to the year 320 B.C.E.

What are Neem Leaves

Neem is also food. You must remove the peel, but you could eat neem fruit from the tree. The tender green shoots and the flowers are edible, too, and are enjoyed as part of India’s vast diversity of vegetables. The elongated, serrated leaves have lots of uses; they can keep insects at bay, but dried and powdered, they play a part in the cosmetic and health industries. We’re talking about one of the most versatile and useful plants on earth, and you’ll be seeing more of it. Scientific research continues to discover benefits of the plant that can do it all — neem.

Health Benefits Of Neem And What Is The Use Of Neem Powder?

Neem leaves are packed with antioxidants, making neem powder one of the better ways of combating free radicals in our bloodstream, which are responsible for premature aging, inflammation, cell damage, and even some types of cancer.

Neem powder is also a reliable source for anti-inflammatory compounds fighting chronic inflammation, joint pain, hypertension, heart and kidney disease.

Potent anti-microbial properties in the plant are effective against some bacteria, viruses and harmful fungi. This is why neem powder or neem oil are used in cosmetics such as shampoos, skin moisturizers and face masks. The Indian plant has proven to be effective against aging signs, reddening and skin inflammation.

Along with matcha, the Japanese powdered tea leaves, neem powder is one of the most potent plant-based supplements in the market and a super food in its own right.

What is Neem Oil good for?

What is Neem Oil

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem fruit and the leaves. The first uses of the oil, going back for centuries, is the intensely aromatic oil’s ability to repel insects. Even today, neem oil is part of some sustainable pesticides.

The oil has other benefits. In cosmetics, shampoo and soaps, it can promote skin health. As a supplement, the oil can reinforce your immune system, protect your from oxidative stress, and even improve circulatory and kidney functions.

Lots of clinical research is still needed to identify all the benefits of the bio active compounds in neem and its possible counter effects, but the results look promising so far, and the fact that it’s been used for thousands of years successfully is reassuring.

Neem Uses In Gastronomy

If you’re interested in the Indian culture, you’ve probably seen the tiny white neem flowers as decoration in holly festivals. The flowers are also often enjoyed in soup and stews too. You can also add leaves, flowers and tender shoots to stir-fries, and the fruit is a tangy and a pleasantly bitter one-bite snack.

Some or all parts of the neem tree are part of traditional dishes in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and neighboring countries. Although lesser-known in western countries, neem is quite popular in Asia!

Make Neem Part Of Your Life

As you now know, adding neem to your life is not a bad idea. Start with adding to your shopping list products that include neem compounds as part s their active ingredients. Shampoo, body moisturizers, toothpaste and face masks well using the healthy plant might not be very common, but they are available.

If you have the opportunity of getting your hands on fresh neem leaves of flowers, by all means, cook with them, add them to your food and your smoothies.

Neem powder, the most concentrated and natural form of the healthy plant, is widely available in specialty spice and herb trading websites and the wide array of uses can drastically change your life positively. Enjoy the healthy (and tasty) benefits of neem today before the super food hits the mainstream.

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O Neem é conhecido por seus diversos benefícios, podendo ser utilizado tanto na indústria cosmética quanto veterinária e agricultura.
Seguem aplicações em que podemos encontrar este poderoso ativo:
▫️ Pesticida Natural: ajuda a controlar as pragas de plantas;
▫️ Cuidados com a pele: possui propriedades antibacterianas e anti-inflamatórias, tratando acne e eczema;
▫ Repelente de Insetos: afasta mosquitos e outros insetos;
▫️ Tratamento Capilar: ajuda a fortalecer os fios e combater a caspa;
▫️ Saúde Bucal: pode ser encontrado em produtos de higiene bucal devido a sua propriedade antibacteriana.

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9 thoughts on “What is Neem Powder – Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine?

  1. It is literally the first time that I am hearing about neem but I have to confess that it is a very good one because it seems to be very good for a number of uses which I think is a really good thing. I see that there are different exports of the neem likegthe powder and the oil which is good. I think the neem oil will be a a good thing for me to start using in my home especy for cooking.

  2. This is  my first time to hear about neem tree from India, I really dont have some personal experienced of using neem’s finish product but it sounds so positive because it came from a natural product from a neem tree and there are also ongoing studies and some articles that its usage in treatment are relatively safe. I presumed that the Indian government or  India’s FDA already approved it as a treatment drug for some ailment in India. Is neem plant product considered aa alternative treatment for some diseases in India? , the plants product has many usage for treatment due to its high anti-oxidant content…is there any pill form from neem plant available in the market. Are there adverse side effects observed in people taking or consuming neem plant products?..Thank you for the shared article.

    1. We believe there are pills available but one would need to search at specialty stores. Research is still ongoing.

  3. I have never heard about Neem until I read this article. The beneficial properites of this tree are facinating. The things that can be done with the powder and oil made from this tree are awesome. This product seems like it is versitile. 

    It is always good to find natural products that can improve health and keep major illnesses, such as cancer, at bay. This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. great thanks Toni. We are trying to go above and beyound to find and curate these insanely powerfull spices and herbs. Stay tuned. 

  4. Knightstone says:

    I am using neem oil in my organic garden.  It keeps unwanted insects at bay.  Because of my organic garden, I knew neem, the plant, was safe. I never knew, until now, one could actually eat neem fruit. Thank you for the great information on all the great other ways to use a product/plant I definitely already like using.

  5. I’ve never heard of Neem until today. I would be highly interested in trying this in some of our recipes! My wife and I love to try new things! And she is crazy about Essential Oils. So are so many other people in my circles. I will definitely have to point them in this direction the next time I see them! 

    1. Great thanks Shane. We are curating a supplier for neem oil and will be updating here shortly.  

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